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May 03, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

A Mother’s love is the ultimate source of comfort; they know exactly how to make their children feel like everything will be OK.

They nurture, care and love, all while staying strong for their families. Wish moms in particular have unparalleled strength; somehow these mothers manage to pull it all together while facing the unimaginable. We’d like to extend a warm heartfelt mahalo to all of our wish moms for everything they do!

With the weight of the world on their shoulders, it is our mission to support their journey through the power of a wish. Every wish experience is not just for the wish child, but for their entire family; to empower them to come together and look toward the future with new hope.

To ALL the moms out there, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Flip through the slideshow below to see how a wish experience has impacted a few of our wish moms.

  • “It helped us to understand that we can be happy and that we can get through anything together." - Christina, Lyric’s mom

  • “Grayson radiated love, and Make-A-Wish Hawaii allows families like ours the opportunity to embrace one another, to have time together stress and worry free. In the midst of dark and painful times, there was light. We remember the love shared with us, and we pray that Grayson’s story will transform others to make a difference for children like him, for families like ours.” - Gabby, Grayson's mom

  • “Once in a while I watch his videos from the Falcons or the news clippings and go through his tons of pictures. The memories, the excitement, the once in a lifetime experience...priceless.” – Janice, James’ mom

  • "It was so hard to see her suffering," said Alohilani's mom, Rosanne. "We would give her the world if we could. We would take her place if we could. But the wish lifted a weight off our shoulders.”

  • "As a parent, it gives me comfort and peace to know that this experience has helped us be more positive and look forward, toward Shannelle's path to healing." – Debbie, Shannelle’s mom

  • “I will make sure to take time off. Just for a goofy fun day with me & the family. I will give Ronsen all of me...without the weight and stress of the world. I will be his fun goofy mommy.” – Leilani, Ronsen’s mom

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