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A Love that Blooms

When we think about Valentine’s Day, one word comes to mind: LOVE.

It is a special occasion filled with chocolates, flowers and date nights for some, but it is also a celebration of a feeling we all hold in our hearts. Wish kid Alohilani and her family know just how important love is. The 9-year-old battles a rare form of leukemia and since her diagnosis, she and her family have cherished every moment they spend together. These photos, taken by the talented Monica Lau, capture their love in its simplest and purest form as they embrace each other in the exciting days leading up to her one true wish. 

As you celebrate your Valentine's Day, remember to hold your loved ones dear. Don't forget to remember to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the journey and know that even in the darkest of times, if you hold on to love, you can always find moments of beauty. 

Check out the slideshow below to see more photos of Alohilani!

  • Alohilani with her mom, Rosanne, and her dad, Lyle. Photo courtesy of Monica Lau Photography.

  • The thought of her wish helped light up Alohilani's smile during her ongoing battle with a rare form of leukemia. Photo courtesy of Monica Lau Photography.

  • Alohilani sitting on her dad's shoulders and enjoying the moments leading up to her wish reveal party at Dave & Buster's. Photo courtesy of Monica Lau Photography.

  • Talented photographer Monica Lau captured this beautiful moment when Alohilani stopped and smelled the roses.

  • Alohilani stopped to take a picture with her wish coordinator, Danielle Marstaller, while on her visit to the Make-A-Wish Hawaii office. Photo courtesy of Rayen Watanabe.

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