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Wish Kids: Superheroes in Disguise

With Halloween right around the corner, thoughts of costumes and candy come to mind, but at Make-A-Wish Hawaii, it's about more than just dressing up and trick-or-treating. On this day, we are inspired by those who don't need a cape to be a superhero, the ones who we know are the real heroes all year long - our courageous wish kids.

Wish kids like Annabelle and TJ use their unique imaginations and extraordinary strength to help them overcome the villain that is their medical condition. And they are just a few of the many who fight unthinkable battles everyday.


Annabelle on her red carpet event.

Superstar superhero Annabelle uses her ability to WOW the crowds. Her arch nemeses, an autoimmune condition, is no match for the glamorous A-List hero! Annabelle was an honored guest at Eurocinema’s Film Festival Awards. She bustled through many interviews, had her crew glam her up for the red carpet event and then strutted down the walkway in her fabulous Jimmy Choos! After committing to her duties to the citizens of Hawaii, Annabelle took a relaxing cruise through the Mediterranean Sea. The battle between Annabelle and her condition is one that continues, but it is her bravery and shining smile that empower us all to continue to face our own challenges with a smile and a positive attitude.



TJ smiling. 

TJ’s battle with brain cancer has been tumultuous, until the anime community united to help TJ regain his strength. Each talented artist recruited by Wall-to-Wall Studios drew a comic book cover featuring a unique representation of TJ as a Superhero. Before long, TJ had regained his power and then some! His spirits were lifted and he continues to triumph over his enemy, one day at a time, with the help of his family and the support of a community.


These are just a few of many wish kids who battle life-threatening medical conditions every day. The resilience and courage these children have is unparalleled. They are the true heroes who inspire us to fight harder and dream bigger every chance we get. 

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