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The Power of Matthew's Wish

As a mom, it was amazing to see that all these strangers made this magical day for him. I am so grateful to everyone that had a part in Matthew’s wish. It is a week he will never forget, and I know he will cherish it forever.

Matthew’s wish was to surf in Hawaii with the Mauli Ola Foundation. He got more than he ever expected. 

MatthewEveryone was so nice and welcoming; he was able to surf and SUPsquatch at Pipeline and Backdoor with some amazing surfers from the Mauli Ola Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Hawaii staff, and others form the community, including Jamie O’Brien, Kala Alexander, Jason Magallanes, Tai Vandyke, and Tom Dosland! He got to go snorkeling and see the dolphins swim underneath him thanks to Ko Olina Ocean Adventures, and play ukulele with an amazing musician from the Big Island, Molonai. 


The morning we left Hawaii, I caught Matthew out on the balcony all by himself. He was thinking and taking it all in. I asked him what he was thinking, and he told me that this wish was more than he could have imagined. I was thrilled to know that he really understood what this trip was all about and that he didn’t take any of it for granted.

One of the extra blessings on Matthew’s trip was meeting another wish kid at the hotel. While we were in Hawaii we got to be part of her wish. She played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hawaii and we were able to be there to see her perform and support her. There was something very special about being able to be a part of that event; Matthew made a very special friend. Our family met so many amazing people while we were in Hawaii. We call all of them friends, ohana! 


When we got home, we found out Matthew’s wish trip was more amazing then we thought. Matthew was scheduled for surgery upon return, but when we got home, he went for another CAT scan and we were told it was now normal - no surgery was needed at this time. 

No one really knows why, but it could be all the extra salty air and water Hawaii has to offer,(an alternative healing for children with cystic fibrosis). Or, it was the power of Matthew’s wish. Our family is blessed to have this Make-A-Wish trip for Matthew!

A very special thank you to Alyssa, James, everyone at Make-A-Wish Hawaii, everyone that was at the Volcom House, and Kala! What a magical week!

-Jeanne, Wish Mom 

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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