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An Internship Beyond the Books

Summer Interns
This summer's group of talented interns helped us get through our busiest wish-granting season. Hear from them firsthand about what it has been like from various viewpoints working across our different departments.

Ku’u Kauanoe

Communications Intern at “The Metro,” where everything comes in and goes out!

  • Essential item: A fully charged phone to post all social media without missing a moment
  • Wish: To write a short story in Paris, like one of my favorite authors, James Baldwin

Jordan Guillermo

Graphics Design Intern at “Monkey Productions,” where things get a bit crazy!

  • Learned: It's more of finding where I want to be later on down the road and see where it'll take me. It's also trying to get more comfortable in being who I feel as a person to other people because after high school, it felt a bit tough being myself.
  • Wish: I'm going to truly say it would be going to Disney World with the ones I love most. Disney has been such a big part of life growing up as it's the foundation of where I believed in the idea of dreams/wishes coming true.

Sara Schmidt

Graphic Design Intern at the “End of the Rainbow,” where things are sent for the golden touch!

  • Learned: I've learned how to use programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator more effectively. I've also learned how much more fulfilling it is to work for a company that has a mission to help those in need. 
  • Wish: To be on the show Amazing Race.

Mia Danico

Medical Outreach Intern at “M.D. Mission Delivery,” where our mission and medical professionals meet!

  • Essential item: Microsoft Excel!
  • Wish: To be an actress in an awesome action-packed movie with my own fight scene, or a dramatic movie that will bring everyone into tears. Or both.

Jake Martin

Development Intern for the “Frisky Fundraisers,” where they’re always looking for new ways to fundraise!

  • Essential item: My glasses.
  • Learned: I’ve learned not to doubt my skills at the beginning because there’s a chance I can improve exponentially if I don’t give up.

Shannon Ishikawa

Wish Assist Intern in the “Snacks Department,” where there is always food

  • Essential item: Erasers!
  • Learned: Knowing that I’m possibly making someone’s day/week better by helping plan their trip to Hawaii motivates me to do more for other people outside of Make-A-Wish.

Dylan Chung

Wish Assist Intern for “Gryffindor,” where everyone is a friendly wizard granting wishes!

  • Essential item: My cracked coffee mug.
  • Ultimate Wish: To be in a rock band and make music that I like!

Merissa Cope

Wish Assist Intern for “The Food Department,” where someone always brings food!

  • Learned: I think any additional practice in planning and logistics of things is really important, both as a consumer and a planner. I also think that, as lame as it sounds, data entry is a really underrated skill, so getting better at it is always useful.
  • Wish: To travel the country in a van, visiting all my friends along the way.

Paige Lloyd

Program Intern for “Volcanology-Playground-Police Officer-Disney-Travel Professionals,” where they make things happen!

  • Learned: My time at Make-A-Wish has given me insight to the true integrity of this organization and its mission. From the CEO and employees to the policies and planning procedures, every action taken is done with the benefit of the wish child in mind. I know after my time here that no matter what I do in the future, I aspire to holding the same integrity and positive commitment to my mission as Make-A-Wish is to theirs.
  • Ultimate Wish: My one true wish would be to live the life of a Disney Imagineer and modify the Peter Pan’s Flight ride at Disneyland. It would be complete with real pixie dust, leading into a “zero gravity zone” to give everyone the magical experience of truly flying!

Jennifer Switzer

Wish Assist Intern for “The Carb Corner,” where they eat all day long!

  • Learned: Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are changing the lives of wish kids and their families with the work we do since we do the same type of thing each day here. So I always try to keep this in mind and that the work I’m doing is not just paperwork and requests but that each choice I make can make their trip better or worse.
  • Wish: I wish to go back in time to the 1960’s and meet the Beatles.

Amber Ah Sue

Wish Assist Intern in the “Youtube Corner,” where they share videos to spread moments of laughter!

  • Learned: I got to go to my first wish earlier this week and finally got to match a family to a file we’ve been working on. I learned that, although most of our job entails working on the computer and phone, you know on the other end that we’re truly making wishes happen. It’s easy to get lost in paperwork and forget the opportunities and memories we are making for these wish children and their families.
  • Wish: I would want to watch the Rugby World Cup from the box and make a music video with one of the teams.

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