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You can't have a Rainbow without a little Rain

Rainbow for Darby
Wish Kid Darby, battling a chronic kidney condition, had a life-changing family trip to Hawaii in 2014. One year from the date of her trip, our staff received an incredible thank you letter from Darby's family. Below is an excerpt showcasing the true power of a wish.

A few years ago, Darby's health progressively became worse without any known cause. After a year and a half of continuous illness and hospitalizations, Darby told me that she thought it would be better for everyone if she just wasn't here anymore. After swallowing my tears, I explained that no matter how dark things seem or how bad the storm is, there is always a rainbow at the end. I reminded her how we always go outside and look for rainbows after it rains. I then explained that she was in the middle of her storm but if she could just hold on, her rainbow would come. 

Her "rainbow" was her Make-A-Wish trip to Hawaii. To be totally honest, that trip was a rainbow for the entire family. Because of the work that you do, you understand the impact of a chronic, life-threatening illness on an entire family. While Darby needed the break from all the doctors, hospitals, tests, etc., the entire family needed the chance to reconnect and just enjoy being together away from all the stress. Her trip became a tangible symbol of the good that can come after things seem the darkest. 

After our trip, Darby went over 6 months without being in the hospital. I truly don't believe that we would have seen such a drastic improvement without this experience. We can never truly thank you enough for the hard work that went into creating this trip on such short notice. 

Doug and Jacqueline, Wish Parents 

Here's a video that captured hearts around the country when Darby first learned that her trip to Hawaii was coming true:

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