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Mission match made in heaven for Eity’s Wish to Have a Puppy, Puppy’s Wish To Find a Home


July 21, 2015



Make-A-Wish® Hawaii, the Hawaiian Humane Society and the Petco Foundation all came together to grant a wish for 5-year-old Eity, battling chronic renal failure, who made it her No. 1 wish to have a puppy.

“When we first met with Eity, she expressed her love for all kinds of animals, and so we were initially brainstorming a special animal encounter,” said Make-A-Wish Hawaii Wish Coordinator Danielle Marstaller. “We had to put the wish on pause for a few months as she traveled to California to undergo surgery for a Kidney Transplant, but it was during her recovery that she fell in love with dogs.”

Post-surgery, Eity would get frequent visits from working therapy dogs. Having these visits brightened her day, and she quickly formed a special bond with these canine visitors. Eity asked to have a puppy of her own – one that she could “grow big with” in the years ahead. She didn’t have a specific breed in mind, but noted that she loves bigger dogs, preferably with brown fur.

In June, Make-A-Wish Hawaii took to Facebook and shared Eity’s wish, asking the community for help finding her “big dog with brown fur,” and dozens of community members immediately responded with suggestions.

The Hawaiian Humane Society, Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter, also saw the post and reached out to Make-A-Wish Hawaii. “We know the power of the human-animal bond, so we are very excited for Eity to continue to get better with her new furry friend by her side,” said Christina Kam, communications and events manager at the Society.

The Humane Society called with news of a potential match for Eity. A litter of 2-month-old puppies had been rescued after being abandoned at the Waianae Boat Harbor and were on returning from foster care. The whole litter was neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to meet Eity.

Contributing to this wish, The Petco Foundation, whose mission is to support animal welfare, generously granted Eity’s family a $500 Petco shopping spree to help fund the upfront costs. In addition, Make-A-Wish Hawaii donors made it possible to support one year’s worth of puppy care for Eity and her new companion, including a year’s worth of donated food from Canidae Natural Pet Food Co.

All of this culminated on Monday, July 20, when Eity and her family went to the Petco in Pearl City to begin her shopping spree. Eity had no idea that her shopping trip would end with a puppy!

 “The look on Eity’s face when seeing the litter of puppies was priceless.  We’re thrilled to have been a part of this momentous occasion,” added Kam. “We make wishes come true for all the animals, so we’re happy to do it for her.” 

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