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Precious Wishes to be Independent!

  • The Parade has started! All hail Princess Precious!

  • Passing by Center Stage at Ala Moana Center.

  • Princess Precious and the beauty queens!

  • Precious was given the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition!

  • Precious was given a welcome fit for royalty!

  • Signs for Precious showing her how much we love her!

  • Wish kid alumni supporting National Believe Day and Princess Precious!

  • Princess Precious' Parade!

  • Supporters walked through the mall cheering on Princess Precious!

  • There were so many people at Ala Moana to be a part of Precious' Parade!

  • Princess Precious dropping off her letter to Santa at Macys!

  • Princess Precious supporters rallied behind her and dropped off letters of their own!

“ It was INCREDIBLE to see so many people supporting Precious’ wish come true! ”

- Wish granting volunteer

Princesses don’t just live in storybooks and fairytales – when a special spirit is fated to be royalty, their presence is not only inspirational, it is unmistakable. Fourteen-year-old Precious embodied royalty during her grand wish granting at Ala Moana Center in December.

As the kick-off to Macy’s annual Believe campaign, Precious’ wish was granted with royal pomp in a grand parade at Ala Moana Center. She was presented with her new, top-of-the-line wheelchair. The celebration of her new-found freedom brought both volunteers and supporters together, as well as a whole community. All attention turned to the joyful teenager as over 1,000 supporters came out to cheer Precious on in her path to independence!

Due to her medical condition, Precious is confined to a wheelchair and has very limited mobility, preventing her from gaining something that every teenage girl craves…INDEPENDENCE. Precious’ wish was to have a fully motorized wheelchair that could meet all her needs and allow her to move around freely, and on her own!

With trumpets blaring and her supporters behind her, Precious truly was the princess in her very own fairytale. She was given the title of Ms. Believe that day and proudly wore a tiara and sash over a beautiful gown fit for a true princess. Her community admired & cheered her as she passed, with tears of hope and happiness as the parade route witnessed the true Power of a Wish.

It was a magical experience for Precious, to be able to move on her own power – she was an inspiration and a symbol of hope to those who saw the beauty in her wish come true – a beauty that goes straight to the heart.

Special Thanks: Wish granters Antonet Barut, Lani L. Brandt, Carol T. Davis and Cynthia L. Yoshida, and Ala Moana Center, Macy’s and The Wedding Café. 

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Addison , 6

acute lymphoid leukemia

I wish to be a Princess in a Fairytale

Addison is a Princess in her very own Fairytale!

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