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Kelsie is given a new sense of Freedom

  • King Windward Nissan and Make-A-Wish Hawaii staff welcomed Kelsie with Christmas cheer!

  • Kelsie and her family walking into King Windward Nissan.

  • Kelsie's dad pushes her into their newly modified van!

  • Kelsie and her family with their new van. "It is such a blessing", Jennifer, Kelsie's mom said.

  • Happy Wish Day Kelsie!

  • Everybody cheered as Kelsie and her family walked in!

  • Make-A-Wish Hawaii President and CEO, Siana Austin Hunt, welcomes Kelsie to her wish reveal!

  • Kelsie and her family with some of the people who helped make her wish possible!

“ This gives us a sense of freedom. ”

- Jennifer, Kelsie's mom

What is freedom? Well, it depends who you ask. For Devin and Jennifer, freedom is being able to get around as a family without the assistance of a wheelchair accessible shuttle service. Their daughter, Kelsie, battles a life-threatening respiratory condition that has placed her in a wheelchair, preventing her from doing daily activities that many of us take for granted - like getting into and out of a vehicle.

With doctor’s appointments and daily errands to run, the family has been forced to rely on a medical service shuttle for transportation…but not anymore! With the help of her parents, Kelsie wished to have a van modification so she and her family could go anywhere they wanted to – together! 

King Windward Nissan saw the everyday hardships this family faced without their own customized vehicle and decided to give Kelsie’s family a generous discount on their new van! Getting the vehicle at the low price was a blessing, but there was one more very important piece that was missing – a modification that allowed Kelsie to get in and out of the van smoothly and easily. That’s where Make-A-Wish Hawaii and GoldenBoy Mobility stepped in. 

The van was sent all the way to California where GoldenBoy Mobility worked to specialize it to meet Kelsie’s needs. Then, it was back to Hawaii where King Windward Nissan prepared a grand wish reveal for Kelsie and her family!

Decked out in a large red bow, a red nose and reindeer antlers, the van was ready to present to Kelsie. King Windward and Make-A-Wish Hawaii staff cheered as she and her family walked into the room to see their amazing new van!

Kelsie’s mom was overjoyed and so was Kelsie! Although unable to speak, you could see the joy in her eyes – she lit up as people wished her a “happy wish day” and she looked around the room with curiosity and excitement! She knew that this day was special.

So where is the first place the family plans to go with their new van and new-found freedom? “We haven’t even thought that far ahead really, this is just such a blessing” said Jennifer.  

Surely, there will be many places to go, people to see and new adventures to experience for Kelsie and her family. As Sean Peterson from GoldenBoy mobility said, this van truly gives Kelsie and her family the freedom to “Go. Be. And Live.”

Special Thanks: King Windward Nissan, GoldenBoy Mobility, Cookie Corner, Wish granters: Lori Anderson & Tina Fonceca.

It had been really hard for a while because we were relying on medical service shuttle transportation, which runs on its own schedule. This is such a blessing. ”

— Jennifer, Kelsie's mom

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