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Sky Comes Full Circle

  • Sky's wish was granted LIVE at WISH! Hula-Baloo, Make-A-Wish Hawaii's 3rd annual gala

  • Sky and her mom dancing at WISH! Hula-Baloo.

  • Sky and her family starting their Disney adventure!

  • The Magic Kingdom!

  • Sky at Disney World!

  • Sky and her sisters at Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

  • Sky and Rain with Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen.

  • What's that in Sky's hand? It's Tinkerbell!

  • Princess Belle!

  • Sky and Rain

  • Sky's favorite ride - Splash Mountain!

  • Sky's drawing of a "roller poster"

  • Sky in her Hello Kitty poncho!

  • Star Wars week!

  • Sky

  • Riding horses at the Give the Kids the World Village!

  • SeaWorld's Killer Whale show.

  • Sky's drawing of her favorite animal at SeaWorld - Shamu!

“ The most special part of it all was being together in a non-stressful environment and just having fun ”

- Raven, Sky's mom

Life is journey – a journey that can bring you moments of excitement, sadness, happiness and triumph. Diagnosed with cancer at age 4, now five-year-old Sky and her family have experienced a journey full of ups and downs – a journey that was made a little easier with the help of some Disney Magic. Sky’s greatest wish was to go to Walt Disney World Resort!

Sky, like most other 5-year-olds, loves Disney – envisioning herself beside beautiful princesses brings a smile to her face, allowing her spirit to be renewed with HOPE. Her love for fun and fantasy led her to choose a wish that served as a magical escape for her whole family – Sky’s greatest wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort!

Sky didn’t get your average wish reveal party … her wish was presented to her at Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s 3rd annual gala, WISH! Hula-Baloo! She was the highlight of the evening – all attention turned to Sky as she was granted her wish to go to Disney World onstage, in front of hundreds of our supporters. Shortly after the reveal, Sky and her family were off to Orlando, Florida where they would experience the vacation of a lifetime!

Entering the Magic Kingdom, Sky couldn’t believe her eyes – she stepped into a world teeming with Disney Royalty. The first stop was the “Princess Fairytale Hall” where she met Belle, Cinderella, and of course her favorite princess of all…Elsa from the movie “Frozen”! Elsa and her sister, Anna, greeted Sky and talked to her for a while - Sky was in awe – Elsa and Anna were real and wanted to be her friends!

The excitement continued as the family took off to the rides, or “roller posters” as Sky calls them. Sky was a little daredevil! From Space Mountain to Splash Mountain, she went on every ride she could get on – she wasn’t one bit scared, she was just having FUN!  “Looking around, Sky saw other children who were going through the same thing she was going through, and it made her feel comfortable, like she wasn’t alone”, said her Mom.

The list of places to go was endless – there was Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, but one park stood out among the rest – Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Emperor penguins and giraffes caught Sky’s eye, but the Tree of Life® was something else! It represented all the beauty of nature and symbolized life itself –Sky could tell there was something special about its magnificent appearance.

After long days at the theme parks, the family returned to their rooms at the Give Kids The World Village, where more fun awaited! Relaxing at the pool, horseback riding and fishing were just a few things Sky got to enjoy at the over-the-top resort.

There was so much to do and so much to see - Sky enjoyed every moment of her Disney adventure beside her biggest supporters. “I knew what we were going to do on our trip, but it was a whole different thing to experience it. It was really magical”, said Sky’s mom, “the best was being able to see my girls smile and not worry about anything.”

The trip was a little piece of heaven for Sky and her family – a time to be a kid and to let go of fear – a week to go on rides and smile – and a memory to look back on to bring joy and laughter. Make-A-Wish Hawaii was a part of Sky’s journey, but there are many others who came together to support Sky and showered her with love during the time she needed it most.

Thanks to the support of a loving community, Sky is able to smile. Her smile is proof of the power of love and the strength of the human spirit – it is a smile that holds a brave innocence that has become a gift to friends, family – it is a smile that is uniquely SKY.

Special Thanks: Racoma Family, Disney World Resort, Give Kids The World Village

The best was being able to see my girls smile and not worry about anything. ”

— Raven, Sky's mom

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