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Kawehi's Wild Wiggly Wish

  • Kawehi and Dad

  • Kawehi and Dorothy

  • Kawehi posing with Dolphins

  • Kawehi in the sand

  • Kawehi on a carousel

“ This experience has shown us that there are far worse things that can happen ”

- Wish mom, Ione

Since she was only 2 years old, Kawehi has loved moving and grooving to the Wiggles. So, news of her wish being granted swept through her family with joy and excitement. They packed their things and headed to Australia's Gold Coast to catch the action at the Wiggles World.

"I could see her excitement and happiness. At the time, I kept thinking about how this was what she had wanted for years!" Wish mom, Ione said. "We couldn't believe that her wish was granted. Thinking it was too big, we would believe it when we saw it."

Getting to visit the Wiggles World was a boost that Kawehi and her family did not necessarily anticipate. It gave them hope for the future, and was the perfect thing to take their minds off of the discomfort and pain.

The sheer amount of light and positivity that comes with a wish also brings healing power. Since returning, Kawehi's communications have improved and have been noted by her family, school, and physicians.

"I look back and I think that the fear of losing her is what got us through difficult times. The warmth and aloha spirit that came with this experience made everything better. We were on cloud nine!" Wish mom, Ione said.

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