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Alyssarae transforms into a master chef

  • AlyssaRae in her element

  • Best part of being a master chef..the tasting!!

  • AlyssaRae with her latest masterpiece!

  • AlyssaRae with her mother, enjoying sweet treats

  • AlyssaRae with her wish granters in the kitchen

“ Let your dreams rise to the surface. ”

- AlyssaRae

From making cookies to cakes and pies, AlyssaRae is a creative budding chef. She spent a day with professional chefs at the Sheraton Waikiki stirring up tasty creations in her very own master kitchen.

Pour, mix, sizzle and shake – seven-year-old AlyssaRae’s one true wish was to be a chef in her own master kitchen. With the help of Sheraton Waikiki, AlyssaRae experienced a super sweet wish experience!

Best part of being a master chef..the tasting!!AlyssaRae loves everything about cooking and often spends hours dreaming up new recipes to test out in her home kitchen. Drifting away into food programs on TV, she is able to escape from treatment, hospital stays and medications, and focus on her biggest passion – cooking!

Looking like a true professional in a traditional embroidered double-breasted jacket and chef hat, AlyssaRae whipped up some delicious treats for the Master Chefs at the Sheraton to sample. The taste testing was a success - her confections were absolutely scrumptious!

Dedicated and passionate about baking, AlyssaRae’s precision was unmatched - every cup of flour and ounce of frosting was measured to a tee. Given all the tools and ingredients she could ever imagine, AlyssaRae’s natural talent shined as she mastered each recipe. Her sweet creations went hand-in-hand with her wonderful and warm personality. The master chef’s smile lit up the entire Kitchen that day – it was a light that represented her beautiful and kind spirit.

A wish never fades: In loving memory of AlyssaRae who lost her battle to cancer. She will forever be in our hearts and remembered for her kind and lovable spirit. Thank you Alyssa for giving us the honor of being a part of your journey and for being a shining light that brought hope to so many. 

Special thanks: Wish granters Toni Hinds and Kanani M. Wong, and Sheraton Waikiki.

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