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Our Mission

questionHOW WE WORK 

  • We grant life-changing wishes to children in Hawaii with critical illnesses. Many of our wish kids overcome their illnesses and lead long, healthy lives.
  • Though we are part of the world's largest wish-granting organization, we operate locally as an independent 501(c)3. Monies raised in our state stay in our state.
  • We are headquartered in Honolulu with a staff of 30, and we rely on more than 700 statewide volunteers to make wishes possible. 
  • Unlike most nonprofits, we are 100% privately funded, which means wishes are entirely backed by our community. 
  • We are among the busiest chapters in the nation with the unique privilege of sharing our beautiful islands with more than 1,200 families on wishes to visit Hawaii each year. We engage more than 200 local businesses and community partners to fulfill these incoming travel wishes. 

Fundraising IdeasHOW WISHES WORK

  • Volunteer wish granters meet one-on-one with a wish family. They help the child begin to dream by fostering a joyful, child-centric place free of the seriousness of their illnesses. 
  • Once a wish has been determined, our staff begin the process of planning the intricate details. It can take an average of six months to one year for a wish to come true.
  • The wish granters remain as involved as the family would like to encourage continued strength and hope in the special countdown to a wish.
  • The possibilities are endless! 

Kids for Wish Kids®WHY WE WISH

  • Wishes empower children to fight harder against their illnesses. 
  • Wishes improve the quality of life for the entire family involved.
  • Wishes increase willingness in children to comply with medical treatment.
  • Wishes improve the child's physical, emotional and spiritual health, and are often referred to by doctors as noticeable turning points in the child's treatment.
  • Wishes strengthen families and communities. 

Donovan , 13

sickle cell anemia

I wish to be a Volcanologist

Donovan Wishes to be a Volcanologist

Colin , 16

alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

I wish to go to Hawaii to have a sailing experience

Colin Wishes to sail aboard the Hokulea!

Keanu , 3

congestive heart failure

I wish to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park

Keanu goes to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tausaafia , 3

life-threatening heart condition

I wish to go to Walt Disney World®

Tausaafia Believes In Magic

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