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Jackpot! Ryan Goes to Wheel of Fortune

  • Ryan spinning and winning!

  • Ryan and his family at Wheel of Fortune!

  • Ryan at the wheel!

  • Ryan learning that his wish will come true!

  • Ryan with his family at the board with Vanna White

“ He loves to see people getting excited ”

- Ryan's mom

Flip the channel to the game show Wheel of Fortune, and a big smile will light up Ryan’s face. He loves the excitement that the popular game show brings to its audience.

Ryan has always had a love for anything and everything loud and exciting. His medical condition confines him to a wheelchair, but there is nothing subdued about his personality – his joyful spirit brings smiles to everyone around him. With the help of Make-A-Wish® Hawaii Ryan was given the opportunity to experience the excitement of his favorite TV show LIVE! He wished to go to Wheel of Fortune- one of America’s most popular game shows.

RyanBefore leaving on his trip, Ryan was given an amazing send-off party at the popular restaurant and arcade, Dave&Buster's. Eighty of Ryan’s closest friends and supporters came to help celebrate his wish coming true. The day was filled with food, fun and laughter!

After receiving the support of all their loved ones, Ryan and his family were ready to experience his one true wish! The trip started off in luxury as he and his family were driven to the airport in their very own limo. After a long plane ride to Los Angeles, the Greens began their action packed week of fun, starting off with a trip to the famous Universal Studios. As the largest film and Television studio in the country, Universal was not short of excitement and attractions for the family to enjoy. Ryan’s next adventure was touring the neighborhoods of Hollywood’s celebrities, where he saw the most luxurious and beautiful mansions. 

The final but most important part of the trip was going to the set of Wheel of Fortune and fulfilling Ryan’s greatest wish! As part of the live audience, Ryan and his family watched a live taping and got to experience the backstage excitement. With every roar of the audience, Ryan’s smile grew brighter and his “happy hands” clapped louder. He loved being surrounded by the enthusiastic crowd, anticipating each spin of the wheel. When the show came to a close, Ryan even got to meet and take a picture with the show’s letter-turner, Vanna White, and the host, Pat Sajak! 

The core of Ryan’s wish was priceless - to be surrounded by happiness.  Through his wish, Ryan not only experienced joy himself but also brought joy to everybody who was touched by his bright smile and loveable spirit. 

Special thanks: Wish granters Natasha Haney and Corey J. Pike., Wheel of Fortune.

Watch a Video of Ryan's Wish Here!

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That was so amazing it really tookl my heart.😚😘

December 08, 2014 - 12:09 PM

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